Who is Ceva UK?

Ceva Animal Health Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the Ceva Group. Having launched in the UK in 2000, Ceva markets pioneering animal health products in ruminant, pig, poultry, and pet sectors.

Ceva Animal Health is based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and employs over 80 members of staff, both in its head office and as sales personnel across the UK.

original Unit 3, Anglo Office Park, White Lion Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 9FB.

Tel: 01494 781510

Fax: 01494 781 519 

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Having launched in the UK in 2000, Ceva Animal Health markets pioneering animal health products in the ruminant, pig, poultry, and pet sectors including:

  • The UK’s leading pet behaviour products – Adaptil, for dogs and Feliway for cats 
  • The innovative cardiology product Cardalis, which uniquely combines the ACE inhibitor, benazepril with the anti-fibrotic, spironolactone.
  • Vectra, a unique 'line-on' topical flea and tick control product for dogs that not only kills these important parasites but also repels and prevents them form biting in the first place.
  • Spectram Scour Halt, the market leading antimicrobial product protecting against watery mouth in lambs
  • A complete range of products to help vets and farmers manage the reproductive performance of their cattle, sheep and pigs; PRID, Ovarelin, Enzaprost, Regulin, Altresyn and Synchrostim.
  • For sheep, Cevac Chlamydia is a vaccine to help control abortion and reproductive problems caused by chlamydial infections  

We are committed to carrying out research and trials to improve veterinary knowledge and to assist vets, farmers, animal care professionals and pet owners in keeping abreast of the latest veterinary and animal management developments.

We invest in an extensive programme of CPD (continued professional development) aimed at vets interested in learning more about cardiology both on-line, at www.cardioacademy.co.uk and through more traditional face-to-face talks and seminars.

For vets involved in ruminant work we regularly run CPD events such as B.R.E.D meetings where reproduction experts from around the world ran an interactive 'workshop' on the latest advances in bovine reproductive management.

For pet owners, we regularly post educational and informative video links on YouTube and make them accessible through our various websites and social media pages. 

The company also prides itself on the relationships it has forged with some of the UK's foremost animal welfare charities and key opinion leaders especially in the fields of feline and canine behaviour:

  • Adaptil collars are fitted to many dogs entering and leaving the UK's largest dog welfare charity's 17 re-homing centres to help reduce stress levels while in a kennel environment and help them settle in their new homes.
  • Adaptil and Feliway are regularly recommended to pet owners by leading veterinary behaviourists and vets.
  • Fundraising for animal welfare charities, ICC, Cats Protection and Blue Cross.

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