The SQP online training school allows SQPs and non-SQP's within the animal health industry to access the latest information from Ceva enhancing companion animal health and behaviour knowledge.

Ceva provides AMTRA approved CPD modules hosted with VBMS. 

This tool is designed for Suitably Qualified Persons (SQPs) to gain AMTRA accredited points by accessing online CPD training modules on specific treatment areas and products manufactured by Ceva.

Non-SQPs can also have access to the training modules to help broaden their knowledge, create pet owner discussion points, improve and enhance customer service.

Current modules available:

  • 'CEVA Canine behaviour and communication' with ADAPITL® 
  • 'CEVA Feline behaviour in association' with FELIWAY® 
  • 'CEVA Getting under your pet's skin' with DOUXO®

To access the training modules or register for free please follow this link:

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