UK Group Tax Strategy

Ceva UK Group Tax Strategy



Ceva Animal Health Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the French group Ceva.

The Ceva group was founded in 1999 and is a global veterinary health group, focused on research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animals, livestock, swine and poultry. Its headquarters are in Libourne (France). The group is present in 110 countries, and employs more than 5,500 people around the world.

As part as a multinational group, Ceva Animal Health Ltd is aligned with and follows the wider Ceva tax policy for the Group.

The publication of this statement is regarded as complying with Part 2 of Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016. It applies to Ceva Animal Health Ltd and will remain in place from 31 December 2017 until superseded.

Commitment to Compliance

Ceva Animal Health Ltd intends to fulfil its tax obligations in accordance with UK tax laws and practice. The company discloses relevant facts and circumstances to HMRC and may claim reliefs and incentives where available.

Ceva Animal Health Ltd also ensures that the computation it its tax liabilities is accurate and that it pays the appropriate amount of tax in the right place on a timely basis.

Tax risk management and tax governance

The Finance Director of Ceva Animal Health Ltd and the Finance Manager are involved in all financial planning issues, including tax aspects, concerning ongoing operational activities and new projects. The Finance Director gives regular updates to the Board of Directors and the Ceva Group Tax Department on tax issues.

Ceva Group Tax Department acts closely with the Finance Director and the Finance Manager, to provide guidance whenever needed and ensure efficient and compliant operations from a tax standpoint.

The Ceva Group Tax Department, composed of experienced professional in tax,

The Finance Director is ultimately responsible for the management of any tax risk and for ensuring appropriate controls are in place and effective. He is charge of the overall relationship with HMRC. 

Attitude towards tax planning

Ceva Animal Health Ltd has a strong commercial focus. The support brought by the Finance team to the commercial needs of the business aims at ensuring the company’s affairs are carried out in the most tax efficient manner, whilst remaining compliant with all relevant laws. This may include the utilisation of tax reliefs and allowances in accordance with the applicable tax legislation.

Ceva Animal Health Ltd does not engage in artificial tax arrangements, nor pursues any aggressive tax planning strategies.

Tax advice may be sought from external advisors in respect of material transactions and where there is significant uncertainty or complexity.

Ceva Animal Health Ltd conducts transactions with other Ceva subsidiaries on an arm’s length basis in accordance with OECD principles

Relationship with HMRC

Ceva Animal Health Ltd endeavours to maintain professional, open and constructive relationship with HMRC, notably in responding to HMRC on timely basis in case of request for information.

Ceva Animal Health Ltd seeks to avoid disputes. Where differences of opinion arise with HMRC, Ceva Animal Health Ltd intends to  work constructively with HMRC with a view to obtaining early resolution and certainty.

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