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Cevac Chlamydia

Vaccine against enzootic abortion

CEVAC CHLAMYDIA Brochure (2).pdf

Increase the proftiability of your flock. Speak to your vet for advice on:

• Vaccination protocols with Cevac Chlamydia to keep your flock free from enzootic abortion

• Implementation of biosecurity measures

• Management of pregnant ewes and newborn lambs

• Production targets

A live attenuated Chlamydophila abortus strain IB vaccine for active immunisation against enzootic abortion in sheep. Cevac Chlamydia provides efficient protection against enzootic abortion in non-infected ewes and ewe-lambs and helps reduce excretion.

Safer shock-proof vial and compact box (anti-condensation cardboard & aluminium box for cold-storage) containing:

• Freeze-dried powder in a plastic shockproof tube

• A vial of solvent

Available in 20 or 50 dose packs

Licensed for use with toxoplasmosis vaccine

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