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Acclaim is a long-lasting environmental household flea spray.

Acclaim contains two active ingredients; one to kill adult fleas and a second to prevent existing eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas for 12 months.

The two active ingredients are:

  • A fast-acting adulticide which kills any flea it comes into contact with for at least 6 weeks (Permethrin)
  • A long-lasting insect growth regulator, which controls the immature flea life–cycle stages and protects the home for a full 12 months (Methoprene)

Now in a larger can for even more coverage!

One can of Acclaim covers 175 m2, the largest area of any veterinary environmental flea treatment (the equivalent of an average four-bedroom house)

Acclaim is also odour-free, leaving no lingering smell after spraying.  When used as directed, Acclaim is safe for your family, your home and your pets.

Acclaim is licensed to kill house-dust mites, a common cause of allergy in pets.  The product also kills ants, cockroaches, ticks and spiders.

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