Companion animals

Ceva are passionate about pets! Everything we do is centred around improving the human-animal bond between pets and their people. We also strive to provide products that improve quality of life for pets with chronic illnesses.

Behaviour Range

Through several major innovations, Ceva has opened up the possibility for vets to address behavioural disorders in cats and dogs, an area about which little was known until now and the subject of few clinical studies.

  • 1996: Launch of Feliway® to help manage behavioural problems in cats
  • 1997: Launch of SELGIAN® to help manage behavioural disorders in dogs
  • 2000: Launch of Adaptil® providing an innovative approach to the behavioural problems puppies and adult dogs experience
  • 2016: Launch of Feliway Friends® (feline appeasing pheremone)
  • 2016: Launch of Feliscratch by Feliway® (feline interdigital pheremone (redirect scratching from the furniture to the scratching post)


Anti-infectives and dermatology

Pain management


Dental care and health supplements

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