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For the control of seborrheic dermatitis in dogs


    •   A shampoo containing selenium sulphide
    •  Highly effective against seborrheic dermatitis in dogs
    •  Also has numerous off license uses, for example in the treatment of mites and lice
    •  Licensed for the dog but has a long history of safe off label uses in a variety of small animals


    Active ingredient

    •  selenium sulphide (1%w/v) in a mild detergent base


    Mode of Action


    Seleen shampoo has an inhibitory action on skin cell proliferation, thus reducing corneocyte production (corneocytes are dead skin cells that are responsible for flaky skin). It also prevents excessive secretions of sebum, which is responsible for oily skin. Seleen is therefore effective for both wet (oily) and dry (flaky) seborrheas.

    It has the following properties:


    -  Keratolytic - removes the dead flaky skin, reducing scale and making skin feel softer

    -  Keratoplastic –  helps to slow down skin proliferation, thereby reducing scale production

    -  Antibacterial

    -  Antifungal

    -  Anti parasitic

    -  Anti sporicidal



    •  An olive green suspension
    •  Plastic bottles of 150ml
    •  Shelf life is 3 years
  • Precautions of use

    • Detergents may irritate. The eyes of the animal may be protected by liquid paraffin or a mild ophthalmic ointment. (Does anyone ever do this?)
    •  Do not allow the animal to lick the shampoo.
    •   Poisonous if taken internally; for external use only
    •  Wash hands thoroughly after use
    •   In the absence of specific studies conducted during pregnancy and lactation, use during these times is NOT recommended.
    •  The product can adversely affect painted or coated metals.

    Legal category



  • Instructions of use


    Available as a shampoo to use as follows


    •   Wet the coat thoroughly
    •   Shake the bottle
    •   Mix 25 – 100ml of suspension with an equal volume of luke warm water according to animal’s size
    •  Avoid the eyes and lather well into coat and skin
    •  Leave the suspension in contact for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly and dry.
    • Treatment should be repeated at intervals of one week if